Risk of low quality product buying

Every buyer intends to pursue low price, it is very reasonable and understandable. But there is a measure with“Low Price”. According to current price transparency, no supplier would push the client away by quoting a high price, low price which is against natural logic usually means the following points:

1. Low price comes from poor quality. Take galvanized steel as an example, when a buyer asks for Z80, a dishonest supplier may quote Z30 instead. This will make the buyer even the supplier himself involve in endless troubles.“You get what you pay for”, quality is always related to price. If only pursue low price, you will find there always appears lower prices because quality problems and cheating is everywhere. Facts will refresh your outlook again and again.

2. Low price comes from“Export without paying the tax”. Although in this way, price seems very attractive (because it doesn’t include the tax which the exporter should pay for our government), we MUST know, this kind of trading is illegal! Illegal means risk, risk is the very last thing buyers want to meet in large-volume commodity trading. Some buyers may say that it’s your country’s business, there is nothing to do with me. If you think so, you are wrong. When our customs finds out this situation, the goods will be detained, and that supplier can’t deliver it, certainly will not return your money either. Once the supplier may not encounter the checking and deliver the goods normally, twice or more times are also possible, but it doesn’t mean he can do it all the time. In China we say“How come always walking along the river bank without getting the shoes wet”. MESCO will never do this kind of business. We do suggest that all buyers will abandon this purchasing thought and avoid involving in this kind of trading.

3. Low price comes from delivery with negative thickness tolerance, it is also understood as delivery with short weight. For example, the client asks for sheet with 10mm thickness, but the supplier quotes the price of 9mm thickness. Price difference can be 10%, it’s quite a lot. And when deliver, the quantity should be 100 tons but in fact there are only 90.

4. Low price comes from cheaters and liars. Since 2021, more and more customers have been cheated, suppliers don’t deliver the goods in a long time after getting the deposit, and don’t return the money; deposit was taken and lost contact right away; deliver the goods only with the quantity which the deposit can buy but not the rest; deliver cement coils in the packing instead of steel coils; deliver second hand tires which are hidden in the packing instead of steel coils; deliver the goods but with very poor quality, etc.

So, an honest and reliable supplier is quite important under current market environment and economic condition. MESCO would like to be your best choice. Except the product and price, you can get the latest industry news, steel knowledge and rich experiences, along with some solutions if you meet any questions or troubles. Contact us, it’s joyful to have you go forward with us in future!