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Over 250,000 customers choose LYN Metal because of our speed, variety and convenience. We carry over 8,000 metal types, grades and shapes, providing same-day service and fast turnaround. We are conveniently located and offer fast and easy access to metal products and services. No need to wait.

LYN Steel is a manufacturing facility that produces metal products and components, such as steel pipes, rods, sheets, wires, and other metal products. Our factory is located in Wuxi, China, a country known for its significant manufacturing capabilities and expertise in the metal industry.

Customers rely on LYN Metal for fast and reliable metal-related products and services. Our customers include Manufacturers, Machinists, Maintenance and Repair, Tool & Die Shops, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Schools, Homeowners, Artists, Hobbyists and more.

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We provide fast, reliable same-day service. Orders can be cut to size while you wait, and we deliver! Just tell us how many pieces you need and in what lengths; we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy. We are the perfect solution for customers who need metal fast.

We offer fast and convenient access to the metal you need. Call or request a quote from one of our 100+ stores for instant access to over 8,000 metal types, shapes and grades. You can even visit our stores and browse our warehouses in person. We also have a wide variety of inventory available to shop online. Never been to a LYN Metal store before? Take a virtual tour.

We has the most advanced production equipment, which can guarantee the best product quality. Based on high-quality products and the best service, we have developed customers worldwide. Our products are widely used in the United States, Germany, India, Iran, Dubai, Iraq, Vietnam, Ireland, Singapore, and other countries.

A One-Stop Shop For Your Needs

We provides world-class customer support and service for all orders, especially time-sensitive and urgent cases.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

We offer a full range of capabilities that provide us with a competitive advantage in the wide range of products we carry.

Building a Partnership that Lasts

Throughout your order process, you can always expect our team to demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction at every step.

Flexible Support and Reliable Service

Our ability to stay flexible allows us to support stock-release and JIT programs while staying current on day to day transactions.

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